Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treatment #10

I will begin my 10th series of treatments on Wednesday February 11th. It's pretty satisfying to know that I will only have two series of treatments remaining once this weeks treatment is complete. I can feel the excitement building in me - knowing it's over soon - and I ain't lookin' forward to anymore chemo. So again, thank goodness that's it's almost over!


  1. I continue to be amazed by you. You are able to differentiate "regular" depression from chemo caused depression. That's huge!
    AAll my love,

  2. You continue to amaze me. You are able to differentiate everyday depression from chemo depression. That's HUGE!
    Keep on going, it'll be over soon.
    all my love,

  3. Someone in Minnesota is pulling for you. Wendy

  4. So close to the end! Keep up that great attitude! Even as I write this, I know someone else in my life will be finding out today what treatments are in store for his throat cancer, and I have another friend who is recovering from reconstruction. It seems like lately we never run out of people we know who are going through cancer treatment.

    But, at least YOU will be done soon... I'm sure your whole family is looking forward to the day they can feel like this episode is over. Which I know might be difficult with the ostomy, but sometime soon here you will be establishing a new normal, and it's your great attitude and proactivity that will get you there.

    My best to you and Daniella,


  5. Hi Bert.
    I serendipitously came across your letter to the ODE editor. Someone gave it to me and I just got around to browsing last night. Well! what a breath of fresh air! I too was diagnosed with colon cancer last summer with a 10" lesion on my liver and at that point said, no more. I shunned orthodox treatment in favor of seeing a nutritional MD plus a reiki master and a energy worker/chiropractor after doing a lot of research about the successes of orthodox vs alternative. I am convinced that detoxification, nourishment and joy are the key factors to recovery. I feel a great deal better. This whole thing has turned me around 180 degrees! For the better, paradoxically.
    I am still navigating my way thru all of this, with the enemas being the last holdout. But I'm preparing for a major detox with the coming early spring. I am taking Avemar & ahcc, plus lots of other stuff, and even tho I've never been poorer, I've never been so unattached to it, because I can't.
    Anyway, glad to have found you. I posted as anonymous because I have no acct thru the other options, but I am Maryann Stow, and you can find me on facebook by that name (where I have a cancer 'note', I live in Oneonta, not so far from you, maryannart@hotmail.com. I would love to connect further with you. We are pioneers.