Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I accepted an invitation for my blog to be one of the featured blogs on Wellsphere - a website designed to provide more than just an encyclopedia of medical information, but insight into the personal experiences of those managing a cancer diagnosis.

Here's how they describe themselves:

...online health beyond the one-stop encyclopedias of clinical definitions and news [designed] to create a collection of separate web experiences on individuals’ terms, embracing the unique aspects of each health condition and each wellness issue.

And the reason for their existence:

[The] relatively early days of social interactions online [included] gatherings of people who had, or were, going through the same things we were. The advice, counsel and just basic support of people who had “been there,” but were otherwise strangers, had the most profound impact on us all. And the greatest impact was rarely about the science – though we did receive some very good ideas of things to ask our doctors. The real impact was about the “whole person” – we all were not scientific problems seeking chemical answers alone, but folks coping with how to live normal lives when nothing was normal.

I'm impressed.


  1. It's no surpise that WELLSPHERE has an interest in including you on their site. You live completely out of the truth, presenting your experience from your heart. Many people woud be inspired by your honesty and openess. You certainly have "been there."
    As I sit here at this very moment at the Oncologists, receiving my chemo treatment, I realize that the most comfort I have received was reading on your blog about how WE cope and get through each day, one day at at a time. And I also made a friend through my doctor's office who is also going through the same chemo regimen as I am and nothing is more comforting than our converstaions about what we are going though and how it affects us. So I suspect many fellow cancer patients will love to read about your journey. Good comes from any experience.

  2. That's great. Now even more people will get inspiration... Where the hell is the book deal??? You need to get on Oprah!

  3. I agree with Jim. Have your people contact her people!