Sunday, December 23, 2007

Boundless Generosity

We received some wonderful news today. Some friends of ours - a couple - recently took on a long-term house guest. In exchange for his stay, they asked him to provide us 15 hours of support here in our home each week. Now don't get me wrong, plenty of folks have been incredibly generous in so many ways and I could type pages just letting you know about the boundless generosity we experience from all that so many of you provide [hmm...maybe I should do that sometime] but this just happened at a time that Daniela & I were starting to get pretty nervous. Kate's last day was Friday and I will certainly share how wonderful it was to have her here, but now that she is gone, there's A LOT more for Daniela to do around here. I helped out this evening, but there's never any telling when I'm going to have a detox flare-up and be down for a few days. So, meeting this guy (plus his two friends who will also help out) just couldn't have been at a better time.

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