Sunday, December 30, 2007

Covering A Lot of Territory

Yesterday, Daniela told me that it's nice to have me back. She said my energy has returned and that I hadn't been like this since before I went to Mexico. That was good to hear - that I am progressing. Today, after a minute or so of conversation with me, my Mom said she was stunned by the energy she saw in me and she also said she hadn't seen me like this since before I went to the clinic. I don't feel a whole lot different, but I am also clear that being in the thick of it for so long with so many ups an downs can make it more difficult for me to notice the changes that others observe.

I am also happy to report that I have successfully done the Castor Oil treatment four times now, and Sunday (12/30) will be the fifth. Each time I have ingested a little more Castor Oil. On Sunday, I will ingest 2/3 of the standard dose and I look forward to another success.

I am up to four coffee breaks a day which is a huge break through for me. I was not doing even three because of the pain/soreness I experienced. Clearly, being off of the pharmaceuticals has resulted in my having less pain. Now that may sound a little odd, but Gerson Therapy is so cleansing that even pain killers eventually contribute to pain due the build up of the toxic chemicals within them and these toxins irritate the tumor (as well as inhibit the effectiveness of the enzymes ingested in the daily juices. Another reason I am able to do four enemas a day is that I do sitz baths in Chamomile tea with a splash of hydrogen peroxide to reduce soreness and I am happy to say it works quite well. [Did I mention that in a previous entry? Maybe...ah, well.] The Chamomile sitz baths really work quite well. Hmm. Chamomile Tea: I use it in my sitz baths; I drink in it lieu of water as well as to neutralize toxic bile passing through my intestines; and I use in it my coffee enemas to soothe the tumor and prevent irritation. Very useful tea, Chamomile. Amazing how it seems to...well...cover a lot of territory in this therapy.


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