Saturday, December 22, 2007

Time for Your Castor Oil!

So, I did my first castor oil treatment today which consists of taking castor oil orally and then followed five hours later with a castor oil enema (which is my normal coffee enema plus two tablespoons of castor oil) to draw out the castor oil that has passed through the digestive track. Now, it's important to note that I did a modified version of the treatment because I only took one teaspoon of castor oil orally (one-sixth of the normal amount) and I ingested it in a gel capsule as opposed to drinking it straight. The gel cap was so it would be easy on my stomach and small amount of castor was so it would be easy on the way out - apparently the castor oil can really sting on the way out because of the toxins it collects moving through the digestive system. Where the concern lies for me is that the sting could be much worse because it passes directly over the tumor as it passes out of the body, so we started with ingestion of a very small portion of castor.

With all that now understood, I am happy to report that the castor oil in no way bothered my stomach and didn't sting at all on the way out. So, since castor is an every other day treatment, my next treatment will be on Monday and I will increase the amount of castor to two or three teaspoons and see how that passes through me.

Charlotte makes it very clear that the castor oil part of Gerson Therapy is an essential component and I've slowly begun to incorporate it into my program. I am clear that I will be ridding my body of this tumor much sooner than later and I am very excited about that.

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  1. More birth analogies. Drinking castor oil and taking enemas are a sure way to start labor. I guess you aren't allowed to mix the castor oil with vodka and OJ to make it more palatable. :)

    Thinking of you.

    - Jennifer