Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Time Slipped Past Me

Wow, I haven't posted anything in a week - whoops! Sorry. It's been a tough week for me and I'm sure that's why I forgot to write. Honestly, I spent the last week worried about the repercussions for increasing my coffee when I wasn't supposed to. Worried about what I had gotten myself into. The pain is definitely way down, so it's not like I should be worried. But I just was. And of course beneath all of that is the question: Has the tumor shrunk? Is the cancer disappearing. There are just some days that I start to wonder and I guess this last week seemed to have a lot of those days.

On a better note, I spoke to Dr. Cervantes on Saturday and he said I'll be just fine. I am doing two coffee breaks instead of three and eight juices instead of ten. Dr. Cervantes had no concern about the pain and saw it merely as a temporary set back. He said it would just be a matter of time with consistent bed rest and patience - something I'm a bit familiar with.

It does feel good to have Christmas coming up. We have a little Christmas music on each day. I love the traditional songs I grew up with and of course we put on some fun Christmas carols for the kids. Our one year old seems to enjoy them more then the nine year old who occasionally rolls his eyes (although he does enjoy joining us when ever we sing them to the little one!).


  1. Your 9-year-old might enjoy "Jingle Cats," a collection of standard Christmas favorites "sung" mostly by cats, with some dogs thrown in on a couple of songs. (Really!) My sister got this for me several years ago as a joke, but when I first played it for my kids, they loved it - and still do! It will even bring a smile to the grinchiest grown-up's face. (As with most everything, it's best in moderation...!)

  2. P.S. Silly me, I forgot to add: have a WONDERFUL, fun, love-filled and comfortable Christmas!