Sunday, December 23, 2007

Joy and Ease

Friday was Kate's last day and it was difficult to see her go. Having Kate in our home wasn't just beneficial because she did an excellent job. (And by the way...Kate did an excellent job.) Kate's presence here was a contribution to our household as a result of who she is as a person. She brought joy and ease into our home and now is definitely a time when joy and ease go a long way. Joy and ease was in the work she did and it was in the way she communicated. Kate brought plenty of laughter and playfulness as well as a healthy amount of sarcasm (a necessary evil in our home).

Fortunately, Kate is a local person so we look forward to seeing her again soon - on the schedule!!! [ha-ha!] Kate was here with us because she simply wanted to be a contribution. Isn't that something? Oh yeah. I made Daniela check her references after the interview because I was certain this woman was out of her mind (the cat's out the bag now, Kate). I was wrong and thrilled to be at that.

Kate thank you for giving us your time and your energy as well as the peace and comfort that you bring with you where ever you go. And thank you Jeff for agreeing to you wonderful wife's request to let her come live with us as a part of our team. Have a wonderful Christmas. We love you and we miss you already.

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