Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trudging Through the Side Effects

Well, those lovely chemotherapy side effects kicked in yesterday afternoon. My folks arrived around 1 PM and I really enjoyed talking with them and having them here at the house. I am blessed to have my folks live only an hour from us. Then fatigue hit me. I went into the other room to lay down - just for a moment - and outside of getting up to eat - I didn't leave the couch until 4 AM. It was around 3 AM when I finally fell asleep. So what were my side effects this time? I was wide awake and had flu symptoms, specifically, muscle & joint aches.

Thank goodness for cable. I was able to watch NCAA Baseball Playoffs late into the night...and into the morning for that matter. I love being able to watch the playoffs at some absurd hour when I can't sleep. Plenty of channels seem to be pretty good about replaying the games late at night. And not only do I truly enjoy the playoffs of almost any sport, but I love watching college level playoffs. These kids are putting everything they've got into the game. And keep in mind that I have not had cable (or antennae for that matter) since 1995.

Without a television I don't get too involved in sports because reading about games doesn't do it for me if it's the only access I have to the game. And without a television, I learned to tune in to the Oakland Raiders on KSFO 560 AM via the internet. And a couple of World Series ago, I tuned off the lights, closed my eyes and tuned in on the radio. What a great way to catch a game.

Now it's the Boston Red Sox LIVE on cable as often as they will run the games. I laugh when I see commercials for Reality TV. Live Sports on TV is the greatest reality TV I have ever seen. And lately, with my brain and body so heavy with chemo, my only goal is to make it through the day and televised sports is a great way to pass the time. My big goal or should I say gift to myself is to to get myself to Fenway Park at the end of September and catch a Red Sox game. They're playing the New York Yankees on the last weekend of September and since my step-son is a Yankees fan, I think it will be a great game for the two of us to see. Heck, it's probably been over 20 years since I've seen the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. Should I be in good shape by the end of September, I will do what ever I can to get the two of us to that game. Boy won't that be a blast!

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