Wednesday, July 16, 2008

surgery update

hello dear blog readers! bert's surgery went very well today. all of the tumor is OUT!!!! gone-zo. adios. later alligator!!!!! dr. cagir met with me after the surgery and explained that the tumor was removed along with surrounding tissue, and that the surrounding tissue was cancer free. he then explained that as they were removing it, the tumor split...we need to wait for pathology reports to tell us if the tumor was still alive or dead. if it was dead, no biggie. if it was still live cancer, not as good. we'll see...if he had to put a few nickels on one or the other, he thought dead tumor based on the way it tore...he also put a bunch-a little titanium marker-clips for some further radiation near the tailbone area. should not be more than a week or 2 of radiation. from there, more chemo...bert was true to his humorous form after he awoke from surgery. asked the nurse for a beer. the good doc messed with him a little after surgery. just as bert awoke, the doc said, "ok...are ya ready to go into surgery now??" i think he got him good for a moment! oh, i forgot to check to see if the doc indeed sewed his bottom together in the smiley-face-cross stitch...more to report tomorrow...g'night!! love, daniela


  1. Daniela,

    Thanks for the update... I'm glad her came through okay, and I hope that tumor was dead, dead, dead!

    Maria Brown

  2. I am so relieved for the both of you! Surgery is frightening and I am so glad you posted this so I can spread the news.

    Also,On Sept 27th, Kelly Zhang, Michelle Newhart and I are organizing a benefit at the Eagles in Ithaca. Dustin and Kevin have so far volunteered their talents. Kelly is cooking an authentic Chinese dinner. I figured we could give you some more good news after your amazingly challenging day. Love Love Love, Patty

  3. Daniela,

    I'm happy to hear the surgery was successful and that Bert is doing well. Thanks for keeping us posted. It is incredible to hear that the tumor is gone. Love to Bert.


    Congratulations, you heros.


  5. Glad the surgery went well and Bert is in good spirits. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Chris Van Note