Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's Hospital Visit Had Some Great News!

I had a CT scan this morning and it was relatively uneventful other than my feeling quite spacey from the Barium I had to drink last night and then two more times this morning. Fortunately, the folks doing my CT scan were kind enough to leave the IV (used to inject iodine into my blood stream during the CT scan) in my vein so I could then walk over to the vampires and let them do the blood draw required of me prior to my meeting with Dr. Allerton (my chemotherapy doctor).

I'm sure Daniela & I will receive the results of my CT scan tomorrow when we meet with Dr. Cagir. As far as my meeting with Dr. A, he said my counts were good and my protein counts were slightly low but nothing to be concerned about as long as I continue eating plenty of protein, as my body is still healing from the chemotherapy. Dr. A reviewed my ultrasound results and said there was no longer any cancer in the lymph node closest to my rectum. That was great news!

Tomorrow Daniela & I will meet with Dr. Cagir to discuss my upcoming surgery. We'll also meet with the Nurse Practitioner who oversees new colostomy patients. I did adhere the colostomy pouch to my abdomen and I also put a handful of small polished stones in the pouch to see what it feels like to have some weight in it. I am real clear at this point that there is no way in hell I'm putting oatmeal or applesauce in the pouch. Substituting food for feces? Sure no problem. Just let me go puke a couple seventeen times first! It is amazing what some people are capable of...and that some people ain't me.

And on that note, the colostomy isn't really phasing me right now. My concern is strictly about the final results of the surgery.


  1. That is great news Bert. Ira and I will be thinking of you as you go through next week. Love you so much!

  2. Bert!

    I'm so glad your node is clear again!!! That is such great news.

    I was thinking of you while I was in Los Angeles, and hoping that you were able to enjoy these days between chemo and surgery. I know it's hard to do, with such a major, life-altering procedure awaiting you. But any day that we can claim for ourselves and our loved ones to enjoy is one less day that the cancer takes from us.

    Maria Brown