Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Ultrasound

The anesthesia seems to have not gotten the best of me this time - no nausea. I had a little bit of a headache and my bladder seems a little slow to get going & sore as a result...?...but having no nausea was quite a relief.

We have yet to hear from Dr. Cagir about the results. I imagine we will hear from him on Thursday. On a better note, I had a blast giving the nursing staff and anesthesiologist a
hard time while I was in there. When ever you are in for surgery, they ask you multiple times who you are, what surgery you will receiving and who is giving you a ride home. They want NO mistakes and every patient delivered home safely.

Of course, when the anesthesiologist asked me what I was there for, I responded by telling her I was there to get my left leg removed. After she burst out laughing, she told me my answer wasn't funny. I felt I better tell her the truth before my name was changed IHOP. So, I corrected myself and I woke up with both legs still firmly attached. What really cracked me up was when the nurse who over-looked me before and after the ultrasound, told me what I said before I fully came to. As she is required, she again asked me who was going to give me a ride home. Apparently I told her, "Some dude in a rusty old car that I met at the diner this morning." Wow! Even when I'm half-unconscious, I still have it in me to be a wise ass. Fortunately, she was still laughing about it when I left.

I figure the laughter is was keeps me relatively sane as I anticipate and find my way through something I would rather not do, i.e., get knocked out and have a steel pipe shoved up my butt!!! And the appointment kind of felt like a test run for July 16th. Kind of. And all jokes aside, it was nice to have gone through the anesthesia procedure a couple times before the big one.

Oh, and in addition to the headache and my confused bladder, my arse was indeed a bit sore this evening. I imagine I will in for a little more pain tomorrow as the IV drugs ware off. Thank goodness I have my own batch at home (not IV of course). And again, some temporary head & butt pain is far more tolerable than nausea - at least in my world.

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