Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Around the Corner

I felt great today and I have to tell you it's strange to feel great. What I'm used to is either having one hell of Gerson Therapy detox flare-up or the horrendous side effects from the chemotherapy & radiation. I am without any of that. Oh, it's great and I love it. I'm not saying it's not. But it's definitely a new experience when I compare it to the last year or so.

On Wednesday July 9th I go in for a pre-surgery CT scan followed by blood work and a visit with Dr. A - my chemo Doc. That should be pretty uneventful as long as my counts are good. I am imagine they will be. Like I said - I'm feeling great.

On Thursday July 10th, Daniela & I will meet with Dr. Cagir - my surgeon - and discuss the plan for my surgery on July 16th. We'll also meet with a Nurse Practitioner (whose name I don't recall at the moment) who will provide me with all the information I need about managing the colostomy.

After that, I will relax for four days. On the fifth day - July 15th - we will celebrate Daniela's birthday!!!!!!!!!! And in addition to the WILD PARTY we're sure to have, I will begin my pre-surgery prep. I will only drink clear fluids for the entire day along with enough laxatives to keep an elephant home from work!!!

Oh YEAH - good times. Hopefully I will be able to make it through all 15 seconds of "Happy Birthday" without having to excuse myself from the room in order to complete my hundred-n-forty-seventh trip to the bathroom. I suppose I could leave the door open and sing a little louder. Then again, maybe we should just celebrate her birthday on the 14th this year. She might like that a little better.

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