Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...One More Thing

I just finished reading all of your comments you posted while I was away.

Thank you.
It means so much to know that you are with us. And to come home and read all the kind and loving words you have shared with my family and me is very moving.

Now I'll take my nap.


  1. When will you be entertaining visitors?

  2. Hey Bert, You know that old saying about opinions?

    Now you can tell people that yours never stinks!

  3. Yay, Bert!!!!! I just checked in and saw your FABULOUS news. Soooooo happy for you, for all of you! For everyone!

  4. Hey Bert... I talked to your Mom this morning and when she told me how things were going for you, I have to tell you that I broke out in tears of JOY for you and your family and for your Mom. I truely believe that all those prayers were heard on HIGH. Love you guy.

  5. Hope you stay pain-free! Congratulations.

    - Jennifer Birnbaum

  6. A thousand "woo hoo's!" from Seattle!!!! Remember to bask in the elation of the good news...!