Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am very happy to say that I have not had a detox flareup in about a week. Man-oh-man are those flare-ups tough. Thank goodness there's so much time between them this far into the therapy. I sure hope I haven't just cursed myself! Now, I'm still not pain free. I am still managing the pain I created from putting too much coffee in my coffee breaks. However, I am also happy to say I have had some relief from that pain as well.

As I have had time to think about all of this (time is one thing I have a lot of), I've realized that I have had conflicting thoughts about this therapy. I am clear that it as a very powerful therapy, yet at the same time, I altered my coffee intake and thought, "No problem. This will make things even better." Well, now I can see that I was not thinking it all the way through. If I can just alter the therapy here and there, it ain't saying much about the therapy. Well, the piece I was leaving out has is now real clear. This therapy is powerful and is not to be messed with. And with that in mind, I am following the doctor's orders to a "T."

Life here at the house has also been a little easier for Daniela and Kate who currently don't have to do the 10-juice regiment for me every day. I can't say it's a vacation for them (I'd probably get hit in the head with a flying shoe!) but it has provided a little free time for them and I know they appreciate that (even if it's not under ideal conditions).

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  1. i just needed to say that i love that you used "Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too" to represent this blog entry. xoxo