Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh Yeah...I Might Let You Know How I'm Doing

I am doing fairly well. I am not 100% over this pain situation. I think the extra coffee I used in my coffee breaks really did a number on me because I still haven't shaken it. I am waiting to hear back from Dr. Cervantes - I asked if I should just take a couple days off from the coffee breaks so the irritated area of the tumor can get a couple of days free from all the bile that's passing it by and irritating it on the way out. Maybe if the tumor can get a break from all of that for a couple days, I'll be "100%" again.

I have not had any flare-ups in the last couple days. While the internet was down and I wasn't able to post anything, I was having a lot off flare-ups. My legs ached all the time and my appetite was really minimal. And they usually happened together. I would sit down to eat and then my body would start to feel warm and then hot. Then my stomach would get a little off - not nauseous, but a little...queasy I guess, along with a lack of appetite. Then my legs would start to ache and it would get bad enough that I would lay down and Daniela would rub them for me. And now, as it goes, I am not experiencing that at all. So, once this butt pain (oh that's right - this Hmm-mm-mmm pain) goes away, I might even be able to feel some what normal again.

Thanksgiving was great. The house didn't smell of turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce (actually, I don't know if the house ever smelled of cranberry sauce...?), although it did smell of Gerson stuffing and sweet potatoes. I wouldn't call it a close 2nd, but family and friends were present and that's what matters to me most on Thanksgiving as it is my favorite holiday. And I felt deeply grateful to them as they each sat down at our table and ate a Gerson Thanksgiving with me. They said it didn't feel like much of an effort - they were happy to do it. But to me, it was a great honor to have them step away from their traditional Thanksgiving meals to support me on my not-so-traditional path to wellness. I was honored.

I am incredibly grateful to all of you whose support shows up in countless ways. Reading my blog, sending cards, sending emails, telephone calls, helping at the house, sending a gift, growing produce - I'm sure I've missed many of the ways so many of you have somehow contributed to us, so know that if I didn't mention how you contributed, we are indeed grateful and can not thank you enough. I never experienced so much love in this world or at least not this much love so close by.

If you need a cheer up from all the bad news in the world, check out The Good News Network (GNN). You'd be amazed at the incredible things that are being done every day around the world. The GNN sounded a little corny to me at first until I checked it out and learned about the wonderful generosity of a lot of people and corporations as well.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This was a True Thanksgiving Day for us. We are blessed to have such strong children in Bert and Daniela. Their perseverance in the face of such circumstances brings tears to my eyes.
    I didn't fully get it until yesterday. Forgive me Darlings, it is an honor to be in your presence.
    I once was quoted as saying you Rob, inherited my determination; indeed I am learning from you. All my love.