Monday, November 5, 2007

Thank You Sir. May I Please Have Another? Or Maybe Not...

I had a flare-up today - something I haven't experienced in a while or at least it seems that way considering the pain I was dealing with (it has greatly diminished). The flare-up started first thing in the morning with lethargy and...well, just feeling lousy, like when you're at the start of a cold and you feel it in your body. I slept if off this morning.

After lunch aching in the backs of my thighs then it moved into my calves and arms and eventually into my neck, chest and back. I took a triad and it vanished the pain in minutes. Amazing. God Bless you Max Gerson. Then this afternoon I took a dose of pain killer for the great discomfort I've been feeling. I'm feeling slightly ache-ie right now, but nothing I notice unless I stop to think about it. It's the end of a tough day and I finally feel relatively good.

I must say, I still find it to be quite fascinating that something as simple as juices, clean vegan food, coffee enemas and some supplements can create a detox that delivers such whoppers of a detox flare-up - especially the ones I had when I first started the therapy - and then heals the body so it can heal itself of degenerative diseases - what a trip!!! When I'm not in pain, I truly feel blessed.


  1. And thank you Bert for allowing us, your readers, to share this ride. As a fellow cancer veteran, I fallow your journey with paticular interest, and cheer you on.

  2. Will you show us a current picture of you?