Friday, October 5, 2007

Breaking Out of the Shell...I Hope

I feel like I'm coming alive again. I have energy and I am feeling well. Last week I felt terrible. This week I feel good. Amazing how this goes back & forth and up & down. Each time I hope I can finally be over what seems now like the "initiation into Gerson Therapy" - the three to six months of on-going detox flare-ups. Yes, I recently found out the flare-ups can last up to six months. Oh wouldn't that be a joy!

And since I've been feeling better, I wrote a song the other day. Then today I worked on it with a friend and he added his input. It felt great to collaborate on some music. I'm breaking out of the (bed rest) shell. At least for a minute...


  1. Bert, I keep thinking of songs to play with you, changing my mind on what I choose,then think of how great a song writer you are and being inspired by the gift you have. Keep them coming! XOX PJ

  2. Hope you're having a good week, Bert.
    Enjoy the energy when you have it, rest when you need to. Keep attuned to yourself.
    been there,