Friday, October 26, 2007

Where's the Beef?

This message posted by Howard Straus (the son of Charlotte Gerson) on a Gerson Therapy list serve for which he is the monitor. This is why Gerson Therapy provides sufficient protein (along with two tablespoons of flax seed oil and a small serving of fat-free yogurt every day):

Potatoes, and ALL other vegetables have plenty of protein, many of them have more protein per calorie than meat (because meat is so high in fat). Spinach derives about 50% of its calories from protein, as opposed to less than 1/3 for most animal based foods.

If you satisfy your caloric needs from a variety of vegetables (not fruit), you cannot avoid getting enough protein. This is "except for sweet potatoes and yams." Consider the parts of Earth where these two are the staples: they are also the same places where protein deficiency disease (kwashiorkor) occurs most often.

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