Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coffee anyone?

This evenings dinner-hour detox flare-up was far more tolerable. It was definitely a flare-up but it was only enough discomfort to slow me down. Right now, my legs are definitely aching. I believe I have really sped up my detox over the last few weeks. I spoke to Dr. Cervantes about the amount of coffee in my coffee breaks. He explained the reason for the low amount (4 oz.) was because he had a concern that I had gastritis. So, after that conversation, I increased the coffee to 6 oz. to see how my stomach tolerated it. I experienced no stomach discomfort after a week at 4 oz., so I raised to it to 8 oz. I continued this process and I am currently up to 12 oz. I believe this is the reason for my increase in detox flare-ups - my body is detoxing at a faster rate than it was before. Keep in mind, this is my theory but it seems to be more than a coincidence.

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