Monday, October 1, 2007

In Other News...

So, about seven years ago, some friends of mine in a band called "10 Ft Ganga Plant" (no, I had nothing to do with the name!) recorded a record called "Presents" (the verb not the noun) that would later be released by Roir Records (pronounced "roar"). I was invited to record a song I wrote called "Top Down" which I did. The song did not make it onto the original release. However, "Top Down" did make it onto the "10 Ft Ganga Plant - Presents" rereleased CD which was released in 2007, and is currently for sale on iTunes and as well as hard copy CDs.

So, what does this have to do with how I am doing? Well, today I randomly decided to search iTunes for my track for the fun of it...and found my song on the list of 36 choices for the song "Top Down"(popular song name - who knew?) I have to tell you, with all that is going on in my life right now, finding my song for sale on iTunes put one hell of a big smile on my face. I knew there was a CD for sale, but I never bothered to put two and two together and consider that it would be so easily accessible. Maybe I'm just a little behind the (digital) times, but it feels kind of cool for a small time musician like myself to have a song for sale on iTunes.

Right now my cheeks are getting a little sore because my smile won't go away... So check it out on iTunes or via this link to CD Baby.


  1. Yeah, Bert.....10 Ft. Ganja Plant was playing again on Reggae Channel 932, down here on Comcast Cable in tropical Cape Coral, FLA! Seen cuts played a half-dozen times, now.....


    ....gonna put the top down.....

  2. I just saw a review of the 10FGP album in Relix magazine. I was impressed... by Relix's good judgement! They mentioned Kevin by name.

    Congratulations! Top down and fly, man!