Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Back From Whence You Came

My pain management regiment has changed - I am now back on bedrest. Not that I've been out in the yard tossing the ole pig skin around, but I have been a little more mobile than I was in the first few months of the therapy. And it seems to my doctor, that is the reason for the pain I am in - not Prostititis, but irritation to the area as a result of too much movement. So, I am back on my back. And with a strong pain killer, since I am starting to go out of mind from this pain down in my Mmm-mm-Mmm.

Just as I thought I had succeeded in the practice of "letting go," I am right back at it. Letting go of my desire to do simple things around the house or walk 30 steps up the road and breath in the sweet Autumn air. I guess I have not succeeded in the practice of "letting go" if I am hoping that I no longer have to do it!!! That would be the practice of "holding out." No to mention that a practice is a practice, not a task.

And that has really brought up what is there for me with this therapy. I have a strong desire for this bedrest part to be over. I want normalcy again. And that being said, I am clear about my commitment to healing however it has to be. So, I'll put my feet back up and I will do this with joy and ease. (It doesn't hurt to have an incredible family and friends who support me all the way. Thanks a million - I love you!)

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  1. Be patient, remember that you are blessed to be doing the Gerson Method. I know that you already know that, but just think about what the other option is. I have been seeing people in the hospital who are so sick, and I am constantly thinking Gerson diet. Our Healthcare system is so good for some things but awful for others. I love you , hold in there.