Monday, October 29, 2007

The Path I Have Chosen

I have been feeling good the last couple of days. I am taking the doctor's orders very seriously and I have been horizontal - on the couch - every day. I've come to accept (or assume) that with Gerson Therapy and the tumor being located in the rectum, I am likely on a slow course to recovery. Recovery, yes. And slow - patience being key. To be honest, I thought that by now (5 1/2 months into it), I would be on my feet and doing all of the cooking and juicing... Surprise, surprise. Not a chance.

This is where I have to remind myself that my choice to not do the surgery and keep my body in tact, puts me in a situation distinct from some of my fellow Gerson patients. I could have had the tumor removed and a permanent colostomy put in place. The Gerson Therapy would then be done in lieu of chemotherapy and radiation and I would likely be well on my way and in great shape (assuming no complications with surgery). Others I met at Bajanutricare were able to choose that route with little impact on the overall functioning of their bodies. My path requires much more patience rest and patience.


  1. Is reading a strain? I've been thinking this might be a good time to learn a new language or take an on-line class; are you able to do that?
    Leave it to me to think of keeping busy even though horizontal.
    Spanish anyone?


  2. Hey Rob, I guess I should send you
    a book or something like it. I have
    a good one I will send you, but I
    will also get one for you that you've be wanting (maybe even
    used, as I've learned how to find them online) and I believe in recycling, especially anything that uses paper.

    Love you greatly, (aloha nui loa)
    Auntie Julianna

    PS, Ask Calisto for a hint for a
    book for him.