Monday, June 4, 2007


On Friday my brother Kiff visited with three of his friends - Rich, Joy & Ian. What a treat that was and what an incredible brother Kiff is. We spent half the time talking on the pation outside our room and the other half on the beach across the street from the bull ring - occasionally watching mariachi bands walk by! They seem to be all over the streets down by the beach. We didn't see any dolphins that day but Kiff and friends sure got a kick out of how the steel border fence runs right into the sea (at which point it becomes rusty and full of holes). I've watched children on the Mexican side run through the fence and back while playing on the beach.

Having Kiff here made it all that much more real. I felt a bit anxious before he arrived. My stay here has been very secluded from the outside world and having someone come in and visit, even family, occurred for a moment like a threat. I didn't want anything to disrupt the process. Once I became conscious of the concern it disappeared. Kiff's presence would be the furthest thing from a disruption and I was thrilled to have Kiff here. But being here has felt far away from the world not only because I'm in Mexico, but because the mindset of those of us doing Gerson Therapy is "so far from the rest of the world" or so it seems.

Today we are packing because tomorrow morning we leave. I am thrilled to be going home and at the same time, I don't want to leave our community. I will miss them, but email and Skype will make a great difference.

Dr. Cervantes amazes me more and more each day. He's got his strengths and he's got his weaknesses - he's just like you and me. Yet, his commitment is extraordinary. He is here in the trenches every day with us. He has been here long before we arrived and will be long after we are gone. He is a doctor, a listener, a friend, a cheerleader, a joker and a wake-up call now and then. His commitment is to healing people - not to providing the patient with what the patient wants. He listens and he is open minded, however he is clear that being liked is not the priority. Healing is and for that I respect him and value his work.

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  1. It was just wonderful to see you, brother. And Chris is a wonderful person. Thanks Chris. XOXO Kiff