Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's been brought to my attention that folks are a little curious about what it's like over here at our house. There's also some curiosity about the coffee enema.

Here's how the coffee enema works. Once the coffee is in the large intestine, the caffeine enters the hemorrhoidal veins and travels to the liver. When the caffeine reaches the liver, the liver is stimulated and the bile ducts open up, resulting in an increase in the amount of bile expelled. The bile is expelled into the small intestine and eventually passes through the body. One side effect is nausea due to the increase of bile in the small intestine (this is a good thing - it means the enema was effective). A second side effect is abdominal pain as a result of the bile moving through the small & large intestines. Amazingly, chamomile tea is a very powerful antidote for this type of abdominal pain and I drink it when ever necessary.

And how are things at the house? How is the mood? That's a great question because before I was diagnosed, I was pretty freaked out when ever I heard that someone I cared about was diagnosed with cancer - because not everyone lives through it. Well, we are doing great. Daniela and I look the cancer in the eye and embrace it. This is what there is to do right now, so this is what we are doing. We still laugh all the time and there is enough sarcasm for everybody.

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