Thursday, June 28, 2007


We saw in the news today that the individual who "drowned" upstream from us yesterday was immediately rescued by his girlfriend who administered CPR and revived him. Incredible.

Also, thanks so much for your comments. Just yesterday I was typing in my blog entry and wondering if it has any purpose at all. I thought I might have just been having a moment of sadness and uncertainty, but I typed my thoughts anyway. However, now I am clear that I was way off base. Good to know!!!


  1. Bert and Daniela,

    Tonight, I decided that I should check the blog, having been away for these past weeks, and not knowing for sure if you were still blogging. I quickly called to Jim with excitement to find out that of course you had been! I read each day to him…with smiles and tears, then smiles and tears, and then SMILES! You have to know that the tears were TEARS of joy with reading every word that you so willingly share with us! We thank you so very much for caring about each of us…by sharing so carefully and fully your feelings! You are truly an amazing young man…and we have grown so quickly to love you and your family! We feel BLESSED! You have to know of course that with Jim going through his treatment, we know that we are walking down the same path hand in hand and you bring such joy, peace, and inspiration to our hearts when you share so intimately! We had, as we expected an amazing time at the Immune Recovery and Wellness Clinic, and learned new things about Jim’s situation that we feel confident will bring continued success in his healing! It is so amazing what they are able to find and cure that the medical world seems to be so closed off to. We can only “HOPE” and pray that the time will come in the very near future that these two professions will become one! It will be from individuals such as you and Jim that it will come full circle!

    I was carrying around some “WORLDLY BAGGAGE” as well and had some help from the REIKI Master in a new process called PYSCH K, which was truly amazing. It was an experiance that I will not soon forget…and to be very honest…I don’t want to! I then had to learn how to needle Jim’s ears! And the thing with this is that I do not like needles! This is kind of like acupuncture, but just in the ears and is used for relaxation and stress relief. So, I did get my ears needled (which just let the tears flow and flow and flow! – no not crying – just release!) and I now have my very own fake ear to practice on and did needle Jim’s ears once and he is still able to hear! We watched some very amazing documentaries, and I will have to find out the name of the one! It was about the healing power of WATER and the power of positive thoughts and kind words all shown through the water! (and of course I think of this when you shared your story about going down to the creek with Daniela and Cal!) I don’t want to tell you any more that that or it will ruin the film…so I will try to quickly find out the name and try to locate a copy, as I am sure that you will find it truly interesting and amazing!

    And I as well, even though anxious to get home to our four legged babies and our family…hated to leave the clinic as there was a presence of safety there with those that understood so clearly what we needed to do to make ourselves better in a natural homeopathic way! We as well were blessed as Bobbie (the head of the clinic) arranged a friend’s return to the clinic the same time as ours! And as was with you and Chris, we met another family as well that we will hold in our hearts forever! We “HOPE” that you know that we kept you in our thoughts and prayers each and every day and continue to do so!

    We went to our Grandson’s baseball game this evening down in Main Endwell…a close and fun game, but they did not win by score, but surely did in effort and determination to rally to the end! They have a possible three games over the weekend…and we might try to go to at least one. We hope if the weather holds out to maybe go to Cortland and play some mini golf and would love to take Cal and if it would make him more comfortable a friend of his…that is if it is okay with Mom and Dad! If you think that he would enjoy this, just leave a voice message…and if this weekend is not good…you can let us know if there is a time that is better.

    I guess that I have gone on just about enough…you can tell that I have been away way too long!

    Take care of yourselves…as ever,

    Patti and Jim


    I wanted to let you know that the flood last year in Tucson did significant damage to Sabino Canyon. We were of course very upset with learning this just because of the loss of the beauty of the Canyon. We as well were disappointed as they were only running the tram to the fourth stop and with the heat and my bumm foot we were not able to venture in to see the canyon we had grown to love being in! We saw a documentary on TV that showed the extent of the damage and it was heart wrenching. They are of course doing fund raising to rebuild and clean up the canyon.

    Hope to be able to visit some day!

    Take care of yourself and give Jackie a hug from me!


  2. Hi, Bert and Daniela! I was so glad to have a chance to catch up on the blog tonight. I'm so glad you're still blogging, Bert, so that we can keep up with you without draining your energies. You all are in our hearts and prayers every day, and it's so good of you to let us know how you're feeling, the ups and the downs.

    I love love love the photos of you with your two boys: wonderful!

    Love, hugs, and prayers to all of you!