Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have been feeling better for the past couple days. I have a little more energy today than I've had in the last week or so. Today I feel a lot more like myself than I have since this therapy began and it's been quite odd to not feel myself most of the time. As far as not feeling myself, what has been most consistent is being tired and my legs aching. My legs ache every day at some point or another - it seems to always include my calves and sometimes it's right up to my hips. Amazing. And what's more amazing is these really difficult detox flare-ups are supposed to vanish after I have completed three months of the therapy. Charlotte, however, explained to us that it's not uncommon for Gerson patients to go downhill once the detox flare-ups stop because the patient feels better than ever and decides they no longer need rest. And what's required in Gerson Therapy is REST, REST, REST so the body can heal itself.

REST has become my mantra because it's actually really tough to rest all the time. Daniela needs a hand with Beau, I naturally help out, but not anymore. Cal wants an adult to go to the creek and swim with him, I immediately want to take him and I can't do it because if he needed rescuing from the water, of course I would do it, and it would VERY LIKELY be detrimental to the healing of my tumor and I can guarantee I would be in a boat-load of pain after exerting the energy it simply takes to swim let alone pull even a small child from the water.

So, I sit back and observe all these incredible folks as they manage what ever I need. Thank you to each of you who are making such an extraordinary difference in our lives. Especially you Daniela - you are an incredible woman not to mention without you none of this would be possible. And I never imagined that people coming over to support my healing from something so major could be SUCH a blast. We really are having a great time. The tunes are on, Beau is in his doorway jumper bouncing to the music, we're all laughing and cheering him on, Daniela and Jackie are making juice for all of us, and I feel more like myself than I have in weeks - it's awesome! And even inside of all of that, I am managing to rest. It's a different way of doing things, but we're doing it.

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