Thursday, June 28, 2007

Update /Reflection

Today was a tough day. It was a nice day, but it was tough. It seems someone drown not too far up stream from us this evening. That hit me a little harder than I would have guessed. Maybe I'm just a little more present to my mortality lately. Or maybe it's because drowning victims don't exactly get an opportunity to turn things around. And maybe I have no idea why I was so saddened by it...

Well, after we found out, I went back to dinner. Yeah...dinner. That wasn't easy this evening. The Gerson Therapy includes a very limited choice of foods with two items that are a must with every lunch and dinner: baked potato and a special soup - with every lunch and dinner. And then I have a choice of vegetables, but with my stomach problems, my limited choice of vegetables is even more limited. So, lunch and dinner has been a little difficult lately. And, I remind myself once again that I can have all the pizza I want as long as I'm willing to do traditional therapy - chemo, radiation... Hmmm..more soup please. Okay, maybe not more, but what I got will do.

Until an hour later and I smell Cal's nachos cooking in the toaster oven and the cheese has begun to melt to the point that its starting to get crispy. Oh, what a delicious smell. It was round two without that comfort food and I felt a little beaten. Any comfort was going to come from within or not at all and I wasn't feeling it. Well, I got back on the couch and watched the rest of a Townes Van Zandt documentary I had been watching earlier and fell a little more in love with his lyrical mastery. Then I read a few pages of Lord of the Rings to Cal and off he went to bed. Now it's my turn. Good night.


  1. stay with it, robby! eye on the prize, eye on the prize...

    also, is there any way you can mentally decide that unhealthy food is disgusting and unappetizing? i do this a lot and it works really well. i know you're situation is extreme, but maybe it could help. ??


  2. Hey Bert,

    You are an inspiration! Plus, your writing is so refreshingly honest and humorous.

    Thanks so much for sharing your life experience with us.


    Ernie from ROC