Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cosmic Joke?

Today Daniela stubbed her toe on the stroller while on an afternoon walk with Beau. The result was a hairline fracture of her right middle toe; she's unable to put any weight on the foot.

Can you believe it? I can't hold Beau for more than a few minutes without discomfort and she can only hold him if she's sitting down. Without Jackie, we would be a sinking ship.

I can't stand seeing my wife in pain. My heart was aching for her as she was making her way up the stairs and I couldn't help her. And then I thought about my diagnosis and I was amazed at how irrelevant everything can be when someone I love is in pain. She's an incredible mom and this the last thing she needs.

So, I this some kind of cosmic joke or life's perfect design? Hmm...maybe both.


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  2. i think major cosmic joke...the Universe allowing me to 'test drive' some of the Laws of Attraction. I spend all week worrying about Cal breaking a bone or knocking out a tooth at skateboard camp & hence ruining our upcoming vacation next week w/ my dad. my mantra, for a few moments on tuesday literally was: "nobrokenbonesnobrokenbonesnobrokenbones"

    When i caught myself doing that, i turned the worry into a positive:


    but alas, too late...i had still managed to put a bunch of negative junk into the ether...what came around to smack me in the ass? a broken toe...

    hey Universe, I GET IT NOW, OK?????????


  3. Oh

    was my first thought.

    Then i thought about the Maya Angelou book I'm reading. In the chapter I read last night, her grandmother said "God never gives us more than we can bear".

    Well, whether it's God or the universe, or whatever else you might believe in, if that's the case, the two of you must be "strong like bull".

    Take it as a compliment.

    ; )

    love you both


  4. Hello Guys! I am so sorry that I have "timed out" for the past couple of months! We have continued to enjoy your postings and of course keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Bert - you continue to amaze us with your passion and honesty with what you are traveling through. And Daniela...what can I say but that I do understand your feelings and I am so sorry about your TOE! Take care of yourselves...and we will be in touch!

    Our love and prayers,

    Jim and Patti Maybee