Monday, August 27, 2007


I've been feeling a lot of discomfort lately: my legs have ached every day for the last week or so from the hips down - muscles & joints (oddly enough). Right now the bottoms of my feet hurt along with minor leg aches; I am having a lot of discomfort where the cancer was located last Spring - soreness and pretty consistent aching; my sacrum stings every morning when I wake up (then I ice it and the pain subsides...usually).

So, naturally, I have been getting a little curious about these aches and pains, and sometimes a little concerned. And then...I spoke to the husband of my friend who started Gerson Therapy the same time I did - the one I mentioned in my August 24, 2007 entry, whose cancer is going away. He told me that his wife was in a lot of pain prior to finding out that the cancer was going away. She was in enough pain consistently that she began to question the therapy (sounds familiar), only to remember what they teach us at the clinic: Gerson Therapy is not comfortable. Gerson Therapy can hurt. It's all a part of the detox/healing process. So, what I am experiencing is very likely my body healing. It feels like it is and that means a lot.

I currently have a sigmoidoscopy, CAT scan & PET scan being scheduled for mid-September to find out how my healing process is going. I am very much looking forward to these tests, especially after hearing about how well my friend is doing.


  1. Hi Robert. Fantastic to find your blog! I was at BNC last August/sept (2006)with diagnosis of adv ov ca. About 3.5 months in went through the mother of all detoxes for about 4 to 5 weeks. Too chicken to have a CAT scan yet, but KNOW I am free of ca and gained back 8 kgs! Would have been happy to stop at 5! Go boy!!!
    Pamela Em