Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Today, (emotionally) I feel great. Relaxed. Safe. It seems my fear was being kept alive by my need to suppress it. So it seems. For all I know...well, I'll see. And I'll let you know. In the mean time, I feel great today. However, physically I am uncomfortable. My sacrum muscles ache and the pain is directly related to the three coffee breaks (enemas) I do each day.

Last night I woke up sometime after 3 AM due to the pain. I woke up a second time at 5:45 AM and was up for the day - icing then heating the sore area. I also had an acupuncture treatment this afternoon which has made a difference. This evening I will receive an oil free massage. Massage is not recommended when healing with Gerson Therapy; it releases proteins from the muscles that can then feed the cancer. However, if the sacral pain continues, I will have to go to two coffee breaks instead of three and when it comes to coffee breaks, more is better. So, I will receive the massage for pain reduction so I can continue my prescribed therapy. Oil of course is prohibited in Gerson Therapy because oils feed cancer. So, as I said, I will have an oil free massage. And I am very much looking forward to it.


  1. Hello there, found your site by mistake a few months ago and have been watching your progress daily. being very computer shy, I feel like the bloging stalker. I do have some observations and questions if you dont mind. First is that I am totally smoked by your sensitivity. I wish my husband was half as emotionally charged as you are. You have grown so much emotionally since your discovery an unfortunate discovery but as my mom once said, everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is gods way to test you in life and your lifes lesson. Sorry, Im not really religious but thats how I live. Second, your family is amazing. Instead of growing apart this ordeal has strengthened your relationship with your wife and son. Kuddos and keep up the growing. As for this cant imagine coffee there.I used to love the smell of coffee but now everytime I smell it, it gives me some real horrific images. Keep juicing, after some research, I see the value of it and know why this clinic has had luck with its results. As for the questions, if you would relieve my curiousity, do you see a conventional doctor or get checked out at the clinic to see what the results are? Also, what do you do with stalkers. Enough for now, good luck and keep up the good healthy routine and your chin up. Im routing for you if that means anything from the evesdropping blogger.

  2. Reply to anonymous stalker:

    I agree with you that I have received a gift from God, regardless if I can comprehend it. As far as coffee, you don't know the half of horrific images until you have rectal cancer and your uncooperative rectum decides it doesn't feel up for a cup'o'joe. So, enjoy your cup...if you can.

    I have 3 exams currently being scheduled: PET scan, CAT scan & sigmoidoscopy (aka Megasoreass). I also have blood tests and urinalysis every month analyzed by the clinic in Mexico.

    As far as stalkers I read your comment, I cried, then I laughed, and then I fell in love with my family once more. So, if you're what I can expect from stalkers, I just might try to recruit a few more!!! Thanks!!!