Monday, August 6, 2007


Being home on bed rest isn't exactly cocktails and late nights out on the town, but it has given me an amazing opportunity to fall in love with Daniela all over again. I absolutely love spending my days with her. I am with her from when I awake until she or I go to sleep and it is absolutely wonderful. Sure I may get a little cranky now and again, but she and I are committed to leaving nothing unsaid and having nothing between us.

To quote Larry Pearson, a Landmark Forum Leader for Landmark Education, we are committed to No distance. No doubt. And what I get out of that is the same love for her today that I had on the day we were married. To be honest, I wondered if this bed rest might get a little rocky, spending all day every day with one another. And like I said, I have my moments, but what I didn't expect is that each day, if there is something between us that causes distance or if there is any doubt of the other's intentions, we get it complete that day because we can. We're not flying out the door to get to work and then completing part the conversation on the way, some more of it on a lunch break, plus another conversation at home once we get the kids to bed, hoping we can find our way through it before we get to sleep. We've got all the time we need, so we use it.

And since we're on the topic, I can not imagine a better person to partner with in this therapy and to partner with in life. Daniela is the greatest thing that ever happened to me (even if she is currently spraying a rather healthy serving of whipped cream on what looks to be a rather delicious desert...)

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  1. hi hon! it's clear to me now how transformed you truly are. the fact that you'd call my rice dream "ice cream" w/ soy whip "delicious" speaks volumes!!!!

    what's true for me is that i'd marry you over & over again. and then once constantly inspire me & have me feel like i am so deeply loved by you. we've made something quite beautiful...

    so, next time we are able to create life in such a way that has us able to spend the summer together like this, it will involve tropical birds, warm breezes, beach sand, and perhaps some steel drums in the background, ok? you & me, the boys, and big heaping rice dream sundays...bliss...

    i love you.