Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Little Something on Max Gerson

Here's a short article I found on Max Gerson. I like it. It's clear and concise. Here's the link to the article on LifeSaving Health if you would like to read it along with additional information.

Max Gerson, the originator of the holistic nutritional therapy now known as The Gerson Therapy, was born in Wongrowitz, Posen, Germany (now Poland) in 1881. Throughout his German university and medical education, he suffered terribly from migraine headaches, which neither her nor any of his professors could alleviate.

Assigning himself the project of curing his own debilitating headaches, Gerson eventually discovered that by varying his diet, he could prevent the problem. When he discovered that his "migraine diet" would also cure cases of tuberculosis, his otherwise fine medical career became highly controversial.

Gerson persevered, however, always searching for the underlying cause of disease. When a patient with cancer came to see him for treatment, he was able to cure her with his therapy, contrary to his own expectations.

Gerson's blossoming career was interrupted in 1933 when he and his family had to flee Nazi Germany. They fled to the United States and settled in New York City, where, intrigued by his early success, Gerson took up the problem of cancer, achieving a reputation among patients, if not among his jealous colleagues, of being able to cure many of the most advanced degenerative cases.

Shortly before his death in 1959, Gerson wrote his towering book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases, detailing his 30 years of clinical experience and research with disease.

In the more than 60 years that have elapsed since Gerson dedicated his life to solving the problem of cancer, tens of thousands of grateful patients have successfully used his therapy to either cure or prevent degenerative diseases of all types. His book, translated into five languages, has sold nearly half a million copies worldwide and has been the basis on which a dozen clinics in the United States and Mexico have been founded.

The most advanced cancer research is only now catching up with principles Gerson so clearly articulated over half a century ago.


  1. Bert,

    It's me, Joe Techknow. I feel for Rain. She finally got through the Ironet Curtain. I left a blank message here myself the other day. I hope jennifer got through in time to help. The web contact cgi flicked her the bird the other day, just for laughs, I guess.

    That blank message of mine was supposed to say, "Bert, whatever the hell happens to any of us, you are amazing!"

    Your outlook is so thoughtful and positive. Yes, sometimes I read how you are gripped with fear or anger. Your honesty just makes me think about how wonderful life is.

    I envision you here with us sharing our lives for a long time to come.


  2. Hang in can do this. I am trying to do this too, I know the feelings you have inside and not wanting to deal with the cancer- it can consume you if you let it. My faith in Him above and my finding the Gerson Therapy is a part of my destiny and yours too. I am praying for your family and you to be shouting from the roof tops to all who will listen when you are finally completely healthy and alive. Staying Alive! God Bless