Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Complete Healing

I just realized today is Wednesday and I haven't posted anything. So what I have to report is that I feel excellent - really excellent. I feel healthy and strong - so much that I am going stir crazy. This is all such a treat and I attribute it to doing Gerson Therapy and the current supplement regimen I am on. Outside of the unhealthy tumor in me, my body is incredibly healthy and quite detoxified. In addition, the supplements are designed to reduce the side effects of oncological therapy. And with that in mind, I expect some great results.

In addition, I have really chosen to do the oncological treatment. And by "chosen," I mean I have not just accepted that I must do it - like "oh well, too bad" - but I am clear its what I need to heal my body and I do it with the confidence that the end result will be my complete healing.

Today, one of the techs who has been there for 40 years, asked me how I was doing. I replied, "Emotionally?" She hesitated and then said, "Yeah. Emotionally. When you first arrived here you seemed a little nervous." I explained to her what it meant to me to be doing Gerson Therapy and what the initial change in experience meant to me. I told her that I have since become quite excited to see what kind of results I will have from the oncological treatment. When I shared with her about the Gerson Therapy and my belief that a healthier body would respond better, she said it made complete sense to her because my body is so healthy now. So, between the detoxing and the many supplements, I think I'm in for so great results.


  1. You're an inspiration, Bert. You give your community so much through sharing your experiences from the "eye of the storm", and when this is behind you, you will continue to be a beacon and guide. It is a circle.
    Anonymous Rain

  2. I feel excellent - really excellent... All I can hear is Bill and Ted's adventure... Excellent & bodacious!
    Go get 'em Man! It's good to hear you are so "UP". I'm rooting for great results as well! Go for the whole inch Dude... Don't sell yourself short on the extra .54 with only aiming for 2 cm!
    (Imagine me closing with that little air guitar thing)

  3. It is great to hear that you are feeling really wonderful.

    It is great that you are following both the Gerson and the oncological healing paths. That is my route too, except that to increase my weight a bit I have been less restrictive than Gerson with my diet, while keeping in mind the principals of natural organic food and the juicing.

    Its funny because the part of Gerson that seemed "weird" and scary to me at first (the enemas) now seems so normal and easy.

    Strange huh?

  4. reply to jb aka jaybee:
    Just to clarify, I am not following the Gerson Therapy anymore other than maintaining an alkaline diet. And considering how incredibly strict the Gerson Diet is, I can hardly say I am still following the Therapy.

    I was also surprised at how routine the enemas became. And it's great what relief they provide when you are feeling sick.

    Stay strong!