Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pain Management

I have been sleeping throughout the night for many, many nights and it is such a relief! It pays to be on an effective pain management program.

Today has been a BLAH kind of day. I didn't have any food in my stomach when I took the morphine this morning, so the stuff went right to my head and I haven't felt so great since. Not where I want to be first thing in the morning. I won't do that again.

Yesterday was better. I spent the late afternoon to early evening with two dear friends. We recorded a three-part harmony part for a new tune. Even though it cost me a little pain and discomfort (standing at the microphone), it felt good to be singing again and to be among good friends.

Tuesday I will meet with my surgeon, Dr. Cagir, in preparation for an ultrasound on Friday. He wants to get a closer look at the tumor tissue and see exactly where it is and how far it reaches. He intends to sedate me for the process since the area has become so sensitive. Even though the sedation will make the process potentially pain free, I am - at least at this particular moment- all done with being pharmaceutically influenced. I've been on and off pharmaceuticals (mostly on!) since October and I so look forward to be drug-free. Yet, being pain free ain't so bad either.

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  1. Bert,

    It was nice to see that condensor microphone image and understand what it meant before I read about it.

    I hope you realize what an inspiration you have been to me. As you know, I have made a major life change, part of which was so I could help out more, but another part was to pursue music in a more serious way. I still remember the evening when Dee Specker played with Route 5 and you told me something like, "I asked for the best and got it."

    Looking forward to having you around for a good long time and playing some too.

    Thanks for letting us help out. It can be frustrating sitting on the bench, but at least the team is winning.