Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tip Top Shape

Today is day three of my chemo & radio therapies. Each day I have come home and napped for about two hours. This must be the tiredness I was told would be caused by the radiation. I am certainly willing to set aside a couple of afternoon hours for a nap. Heck, I've always been a fan of afternoon naps!

During each radiation treatment I visualize the cancer cells dying from the treatment. Then at various times throughout the day, I imagine the 5-FU (chemo) enveloping my body and killing those cancer cells that were weakened but not killed from the radiation. It feels good to be on the path I am on and I believe this treatment will be very effective. I have more than adequately prepared for it and with the supplements I am taking (which I will share with you soon) I am keeping myself in tip top shape and complimenting the chemo & radio therapies.

It is my understanding that should my skin react to the radiation, it will likely be after a few weeks. I have Boiron Calendula gel which I believe will work wonders if I need it. And I believe the Aloe Vera gel I have will also be a great compliment and one heck of a sitz bath if needed.

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