Monday, April 21, 2008

Still Feeling Positive

I still feel like I'm getting over the ultrasound and the anesthesia I had on Friday. The pain is slowly lessening and I'm still pretty spacey and low energy. Sunday afternoon, I found myself a little anxious about everything. As I was letting my emotions flow, I wondered if my positive attitude was masking this anxiety. Well, an hour later I woke up from a short nap to find out it was just some anxiety. I felt good after I woke up. My attitude is still strong. I still feel very positive. It was just something that needed to move through me.

I will admit that taking Oxycodone around the clock isn't exactly filling me with positive energy. It actually makes me kind of flat in personality as well as attitude. I am so hoping the pain will reduce so I can take less of the stuff. I really can't stand feeling like this all the time. Daniela keeps reminding me it's only temporary. I'm hoping the tumor shrinks sooner than later and requires less pain killers so its real temporary.

Last week, my pain was definitely less and I had a lot more energy. Today I slept from 1 to 3:30 and didn't have too much appetite when I woke up. I wanted yogurt...??? I don't even like yogurt!!! But I wanted it, so I ate it and I shared it with Beau - my favorite way to eat.


  1. A friend at church mentioned that when the pain is gone, it's GONE! A heavenly feeling of lightness follows the pain, which is definitely temporary.

  2. Hi Bert,
    I was away over the weekend; got back last night. Been catching up with the blog.
    I felt off (thats putting it mildly) too during the days following chemo treatments. You are going though something now,but you will come out the otherside and, like coming through a tunnel, the view will be beautiful. Hang in there, and this will be behind you in due time. (I would say "before you know it", but the experience can feel kind of elongated, while you're going through it). In the meantime, do just what you're doing: enjoying the days you feel well, enjoying food when you are hungry, napping when you need to; in other words: just be where you are and know that this episode will pass.