Saturday, April 5, 2008

One More Thing

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments you have posted. It means a great deal to me to receive them. I love knowing I have your support!


  1. Bert, even though I've never even met you, I think about you and your journey regularly, I've told my husband about new developments on it many times, and I come back to your blog as often as I can to get updates and offer support. All because I know your mom, and I know that such a wonderful person must have "begat" 3 other wonderful persons.

    I visited my grandmother in a nursing home in Auburn in December 2006, and I ran into your mom there. After we talked about my grandma for a bit, she told me how excited she was about the birth of her grandson Beau (I remember thinking "is it spelled Beau or Bo?") So when I heard about your journey, I got online and eventually came to your blog.

    Your words, your courage, your honesty, your humility, your generosity through all this have touched me deeply. I admire you and Daniela, and I know that your beautiful and healthy relationship - not to mention the thought of those 2 boys wanting Dad to finally be able to run around the yard with them - are the most powerful motivators for you to put your mind 100% into getting well, no matter the method.

    As always, the best wishes to you as you move ahead, one step at a time, to your ultimate wellness!

  2. Your tears of laughter are thanks enough

  3. Bert, dear. You have been so very much in my thoughts and prayers. My own life has been quite unsettled for a long while -- my youngest is in some serious emotional difficulties and I've been traveling back and forth to GA. But you and Daniela and the boys remain so very dear to me. Please forgive my physical absence but know that I'm always with you in spirit. Love, beth