Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Letting Go Again

Lately it has become increasingly difficult to get to the bathroom on time. I am getting there on time, but now you get the theme for this entry. Daniela just called a friend who is giving me a ride to my radiation treatment tomorrow and asked if she would pick up some Depends adult undergarments. Oh yeah, I said it. I suppose if it were a permanent thing, I might be less inclined to share this with you. But then again, I probably would have told you anyway.

Chemotherapy can cause this problem. The radiation I am receiving can also cause this problem. Combine the two I am - wondering if I will return these things unused or if they will become a temporary part of my life.

The odd thing is that for many years in the back of my mind, I have had a fear of such a problem. And now, the strong possibility of the problem has arrived. I could go a lot of directions with this one. Instead, I'll just wait and see. And I'll laugh at the idea that I may actually be wearing these things - even if it is only for a couple of weeks. Man. The letting go of it all just continues and continues.

And with all I have to deal with lately, I am so glad I am up here and not in Philadelphia at the Cancer Treatments Center.


  1. Love you, Bert.

  2. I know what you're talking about. The good news is that this side effect won't last that long.

    I stayed close to the bathroom after eating or drinking and sprinted when needed. It's good exercise :-)

    Conversely when I went to the doctors or for radiation I wouldn't eat or drink anything for an hour or so to help control things. Watch the dehydration though.

    Also some foods and drinks may set off the cycle faster and stronger than others. Experimenting may help.