Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Conversation Worth Mentioning

I forgot to mention an experience we had with the hematologist aka my chemotherapy doctor.

When we first met with him, he asked what I had been doing for treatment since I was diagnosed one year ago. I told him I was doing the Gerson Therapy and he replied saying he believes that alternative therapies are going to start showing up more and more. Then he asked how to spell Gerson and said, "it's nothing short of miraculous that the cancer did not metastasize, so what ever you were doing must have been doing something." Following that meeting, I met with a nurse and Daniela had another opportunity to speak with him some more. She later told me he repeated numerous times how amazed he was that the Gerson Therapy had kept the cancer from metastasizing.

It was pretty sweet to hear these words from an oncologist because the last time I met with an oncologist, he and his intern looked at us like we had three heads when ever the Gerson Therapy was mentioned. Or they did what they hoped would be perceived as polite head nodding, all the while their faces fighting to hold back expressions of terror. Yeah. So, it was nice to receive such a positive response from him.

However, at my last meeting with him, he asked if I plan on sticking around and doing the treatment - as if at this point, I'm going to jump ship. I'm thinking to myself, "I just had a port surgically implanted in my chest. Do you really think I'm going to just skip off to Mexico again?" Mind you, that was what I thought, not what I said. I told him I plan on sticking around and from there he determined the appropriate chemotherapy treatment.


  1. Tears came to my eyes, reading about your oncologist's acceptance of the Gerson diet.

    Blessed be. Happy birthday!

  2. It is your birthday? You must be old.

    You are 40 this year, aren't you?

    Happy Birthday Bertos!

    What did you eat today, a pomegranate?

  3. Yay! I tip my hat to your onc. Gerson therapy is amazing and I'm glad he was able to see that. You have done well!

  4. reply to madcup:

    38 is the magic number and I definitely consider it a gift to have the opportunity to rid my body of these cancer cells and get back to optimum health!

    And to answer your question, I ate carrot cake! Mmmm