Monday, July 2, 2007


This evening I was thinking about my stay at Baja Nutricare - it seems so long ago and it was only a few weeks since I left. I thought of a nice conversation worth sharing with you. On the day we left Mexico, our driver told us about a patient and companion he was driving to the clinic. The patient and the companion were fellow church members and the companion agreed to accompany this person because he had previously been a companion for a family member who had since fully healed from cancer. The driver continued to tell us there are something like 25 other "cancer clinics" in Tijuana and he no longer drives for any of them. It's because of the kind of experience he had with this companion and Baja Nutricares incredibly high standards that he only drives for Baja Nutricare patients and their companions. It was a pretty inspiring story to hear as we were on our way back home.

The photo is a street sign and decorative palm on a nearby street in Tijuana.

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