Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Americana Jubilee - A Benefit Concert

The Americana Jubilee III
a one day mini-festival celebrating the Americana music of the Finger Lakes Region
Saturday Sept. 29th from 3PM to 1AM
at The Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg, NY

On Saturday September 29th, the local community will have the opportunity to celebrate the Americana music of the Finger Lakes Region at the Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg, NY. The Americana Jubilee III is in its third year and will feature numerous local musicians on two stages with performances rotating between the electric stage and the acoustic stage, thus providing 10 hours of continuous music.

This year's event will be a fund raiser for the Bert Scholl Fund. Bert Scholl is a local musician who is currently battling cancer using costly alternative methods that are not covered by health insurance. Bert was the master of ceremonies at last year's Jubilee and performed in it with his band Route 5 the year prior. The Americana Jubilee will be sponsored by Ithaca Beer who will be providing Ithaca Beer specials. Entrance to the event will be $7.

Performance Line-Up
3:00 Regina O'Brien
4:00 The El Caminos
5:00 The Dregs
6:00 Chicken Tractor
7:00 Juge Greenspun
8:00 Urban Horse Thieves
9:00 The Common Railers
10:00 The MacGuillicuddies
11:00 Richie Stearns
12:00 Hubcap

If you are unable to attend and would still like to make a contribution,all donations will be graciously received at:

The Bert Scholl Fund
c/o Jane Schantz
48 Marsh Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Thank you to every one of you have contributed to us in any way, shape or form. Without you, none of this would be possible.


  1. AH HA!!!
    I think I re-discovered the ABRACADABRA that allows my comment to post! Only one time before did my comment fly. Then, I tried several other times, alas, to no avail. But, I think the magic charm involves signing in to the google account I created first...and then posting.
    Anyway, Bert, you have no idea about the heartfelt comments I have tried to send, only to have the "can't do it" message. And then I would feel pressed for time and let it go for that day. May times, I have been inspired to respond to your posts, touched deeply by your courageous journey. I have been a loyal reader as I've ridden "shotgun" through your blog.

  2. Bert,

    I noticed you are having a benefit concert. You should tell me these things. I have posted notices on Freeville Music and on Bert Scholl family support page .

    Let me know if the lineup or the schedule changes.


  3. Rain,

    You have hit the nail on the head.


  4. Jerry, I am actually not having the benefit. Dustin Stuhr requested permission for the Americana Jubilee to be a benefit for us this year and I accepted. It was difficult to say yes, but it was unrealistic to say no.

    All who go to the benefit, please introduce yourself to Dustin. Dustin Stuhr is a good man and I am honored to be his friend.