Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Getting Better All the Time

Today I spoke to Liam (a friend from Ireland who I met at the Baja Clinic) and I just found out about his incredible success. This is a man who was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma - it had metastasized to two lymph nodes in his groin, a third outside his stomach and a fourth in his chest. He was given 6 months to live, unless he did chemotherapy & radiation for which they gave him 18 months to live. His oncologist told him to get his finances in order.

It has been just under four months since Liam started the Gerson Therapy and three of the four tumors have vanished!!!

My conversation with Liam today gave me a new found hope. I've said it before and I'll say it again - this stuff works! I have a very clear vision of the future that I am living into: 100% healed & fully in tact. Yes, my mind does tend to keep sneaking disempowering thoughts into my head when I'm not paying attention and then I snap out of it and put myself back into a positive space. Just this morning after I spoke to Liam, my creative mind had already found an opportunity to question whether this will work for me. As if it's searching for an opportunity to bring me down. Fortunately, I have no question that this therapy works for me. And yes, I do believe that our minds have two side sides to them - that which empowers us and that which disempowers us - and we get to choose which we want to listen to.

However, I have also begun to see patterns in both my body's reactions to the therapy as well as my mind's response to these reactions. My body's response to the therapy isn't much different than it was in the beginning, yet my mind is happy to try and find opportunities to steer me down a disempowering path. However, the disempowering thoughts in my mind are starting to occur as annoying background noise. It won't be long before the cancer in my body starts to disappear.

Congratulations on your hard work and incredible attitude Liam! The joy in your family is apparent and I am incredibly happy for you!!! Brilliant!!!!!!!!


  1. More good news!

    You don't have to believe and be positive every minute. That's not realistic.

    You are actually doing something. Keep doing it. I believe you will be fine. So do a lot of other people.

    Jerry and Patty

  2. i believe you will be 100% healed & fully in tact. i can see it so clearly, i already feel the gratitude for it. xoxo

  3. I too got the "wobblies" Bert, in the first months of the therapy. But now, 13 months down the track, that rarely happens. I hear Doc Cervantes voice -"It took you a long time to get this sick; it's going to take a long time to get better". You're well on your way. If you can see it, it's said, it will happen (or already has) and like you, I have automatic visions on my inner screen, years from now. About 35 of them! Keep going Gersonite friend; I simply cut off those thoughts too.

  4. Ahh the power of positive thinking. People at the office hate me every Monday morning bouncing my way in to a beautiful day and beginning of the week. I just dont get why people with such little time as we get on this sweet earth, live for only 6 days a week. Live for the moment, live for the future Bert, you and your family benefit from it now and then. So many of us believe in you and your mission to get well and be cancer free that you must feel it. I sure can and I only just read your blog! In todays day and age if only half of us had at least half of your friends and supporters. Keep that chin up and that this too shall pass.
    Your random blogging stalker.