Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holiday Cards

So to respond to comments and email questions I have received about my September 10th entry:

A sigmoidoscopy can provide more perspective. And, it can also irritate the tumor and cause increased bleeding (i.e., possibly damage the tumor) which will impede my ability to do the Gerson Therapy. Specifically, I would be at risk of not being able to do coffee breaks/enemas.

If enemas were done in our ears, doing a sigmoidoscopy would be a no brainer. At this point, as long as the cancer has not grown, I won't take any unnecessary risks and jeopardize my ability to implement the therapy. We can do camera in the butt for Christmas. Heck, I could even use the images for a holiday card! Or maybe a New Years letter.

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  1. The Dolphins are here,
    I love you brother,