Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally Up to Speed

I finally feel like I'm up to speed. The various agents that were injected into me - radioactive sugar & then iodine - and whatever it was I was required to drink in order to do the scan, left me feeling like I had a four alarm hangover from the mornings of my far more recreational years - yet it was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And whether I ever had a hangover at 4 o'clock in the afternoon is nothing I plan on disclosing anytime soon. I imagine being so cleaned out from this therapy has resulted in my body being far more sensitive to the slew of chemicals that went inside me then it was during my first set of scans.

Prior to the scans, I was reading every morning and afternoon. Since the scans (on Friday), I have only read once and that was today. In the mean time, I have been watching movies and old television programs. It seems easiest to lay staring at the TV until my head is clear. Not that I have a problem with watching movies - it just surprised me that the scans had such an impact on me. I'm glad there will be no more anytime soon!


  1. Fellow Gersonian here...Gersonite? Great to follow your journey Robert, I am on the same path. Time flies. Our favourite doc told me you write great music! Bet you'll be doing that to fill your hours soon! SOunds like you are doing brilliantly. x

  2. Bert,

    For you, being up to speed is what other people would consider double speed. Your brain is incredibly active, even if you have to take it easy on the body for a while.

    The problem with cancer is growth, so the news that the tumor has not grown is extremely good.

    It is ironic that you had to take poison to check on the m&%#erf$!#er, but that's the best we know how right now.

    Jerry and Patty