Sunday, September 23, 2007


Correction to September 22, 2007 entry:

This morning I realized that during last nights dinner, the emotion I was overwhelmed with was not sadness, it was more of yearning - a yearning for relief. Sure relief from having cancer [yuck!], and a huge part of it is yearning for something delicious, but lately my biggest struggle is accepting what it takes for Daniela to manage my therapy on top of a 10-month old baby and a 9-year old boy. Yes, I do help out with the kids, but that says it right there. I help out with the kids vs. the two of us raising them together. I simply can't move around like any parent of a 10-month old needs to in order to keep him entertained yet safe. Daniela has an extremely busy, intensely scheduled life in order for all of this to work. You're an incredible mama and the greatest wife in the world. I could not have a better person partnering in this therapy with me. You're an angel and I love you.


  1. The minute I heard my first love story
    I started looking for you
    Not knowing how blind that was
    Lovers don't finally meet somewhere
    They're in each other all along


    You are most welcome, my dear. I'd do this forever (and god bless we won;t need to!!! : )

    xoxoxo forever...daniela

  2. day at a time...on the days to come when you are again running 'round like crazy, doing all that, you will look back at this sojourn with profound emotion as it recedes into the fabric of your life.
    btw, could you kindly again provide a link to your sign-up calendar?
    thanks, always,

  3. Response to posting by Rain:

    For a link to the sign-up calendar, please email me at