Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bert on a Stick

I am happy and surprised to say that my appetite is back. Can you believe it? I haven't had a real appetite since I first got to the clinic. And now I eat everything that is served to me and then more between meals. Unfortunately, I no longer challenge my siblings for the opportunity to don the crown of the King of the Clean Plate Club [I believe those regal days ended when I was about 10 years old].

Anyway, I am hoping I put on a little weight while I am at it. I am not underweight, although, I am back down to the weight I was in the early 90's: 127 lbs. Yup. If you didn't know me then, you probably don't know that I was quite thin. I look like "Bert on a Stick." The only danger is that I am nearly invisible unless you look at me head-on. I also fear that on a windy fall day, I just might be blown away never to be seen again! Ah, the woes of Gerson Therapy.

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