Saturday, September 1, 2007


I am feeling much better lately, though I am still quite tired throughout each day. I definitely have been feeling like some change is happening - some positive change. Especially since I have been tired a lot - it's a good detox sign. As I have been resting, I have been reading a lot of books followed by regular naps as often as my body needs it. I have to say I have finally found comfort in being on bed rest. In fact, I am finally absolutely comfortable resting and being taken care of day after day. It's a treat to be guilt free throughout this process. And, as always, I am incredibly grateful for all that is provided to me.

It is an amazing experience watching all of you wonderful folks return week after week to help us with all the food prep we have. In fact, without your help, this would in no way be possible for us. We have been blessed with an incredible community of generous people.

Thank you to each of you who have provided us your time here at the house, your wonderful cards, your prayers and your financial contributions. Each of you have made it possible for my family to make this therapy a reality for me. We are incredibly grateful to all of you. I sometimes wonder if you can even imagine what it means to us and the difference you are making. We love you.

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