Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I may have found a recliner that may suite my needs. I hope to have it here this Thursday or this coming Monday. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful family and such generous friends. I am indeed grateful for that.

I also tried to use a kneeling chair (like the one below) at the kitchen table in hopes of reducing the amount of pressure on my behind. Unfortunately, no luck. I'm more comfortable on a regular kitchen chair with a couple of thick cushions.


  1. I resonate with everything you just said. And I have no time for the role of victim either,mostly because I feel what you focus on expands - more of the same! On that note Bert, ever heard of Bruce Lipton? Great reading. I found his articles uplifting and his honesty about change of perception refreshing and hopeful. He's a scientist you see. All about cells - and us - and how we think - and everything. Fellow Gersonite p.s.counting down for us.x

  2. Once you settle down into your comfy new recliner, and you're ready to order up your next Netflix movie, here are a couple of suggestions if you haven't already seen them:

    Napoleon Dynamite - quirky and offbeat and just plain hilarious.

    The Big Lebowski - comedy classic from the almighty Coen brothers (make sure the kids are in bed; there's some foul language).

    As a fellow fan of The Forty Year Old Virgin and Groundhog Day (one of my all-time faves!), I think you'll enjoy these very much!

  3. Bert,

    Are you familiar with mangosteen? I met the wife of a colon/rectal cancer survivor that took a similar approach and used the aformentioned fruit (puree) to assist with the detoxification process...

    As a result, he is now cancer free!
    If you are even slightly interested in learning more about it, I would be more than happy to send you the information so that you and your practitioner may look over it.

    I can be contacted via email at: istudyherbs@yahoo.com

    May God Continue to Bless and Keep You!