Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The MRI review has been completed and the doctor stated that the recent MRI can not be accurately compared to CT scan from September. What comparisons could be made determined no change.

So Bert, you may be asking, why is there no change after 9 months on the therapy?

For someone doing the full therapy for 9 months, that would be strange. I have only been on the full therapy for 6 weeks or so. Prior to that , my body - or butt to be more precise - could not handle more than three - and sometimes only two - enemas a day. That is not the full therapy. So, the therapy I was on held the tumor at bay and very much detoxified my body.

Now that I am on the full therapy, I can expect the results generally anticipated after three to four months on the therapy.

And what are those results? Generally, after a Gerson patient has been on the therapy for three to four months, there will be some noticeable shrinkage or reduction in the cancer. So, I anticipate the end of April will be a good time to do another MRI and I may just wait until a solid four months from this most recent test date.

Certainly this is not what Daniela and I anticipated when I first went to the BajaNutricare clinic in May. However, neither did we anticipate that I would not be on the full therapy. Who knew that enemas would initially be so difficult for me. In that regard, I have made some serious progress - now having the ability to do five enemas instead of only two.

As far as additional progress, I am happy to report that I have gone to sleep between 8 & 9 PM with no pain for the last two nights. Furthermore, I have slept through the night the for the last two nights. And this evening I am not in pain. That being said, I am again pulling back the reigns on the sigmoidoscopy. With the recent reduction in pain, I will post-pone the exam because reduced pain is a very good sign and the sigmoidoscopy is far too invasive to do if it is not necessarry; it could seriously irritate the tumor area - a risk I am unwilling to take now that I have begun to get the relief I have been seeking.

Again, Daniela and I had hoped we would be much further along at this point: with a disappearing tumor and not to still be relying so much on our community for support. Well, that is not the case - a natural remedy often requires more patience. First my body had to get up to speed and now the therapy can.

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