Friday, February 22, 2008

A Little Pain Last Night

Last night I tossed and turned throughout the night getting bits and pieces of sleep now and again until I fell asleep at around 5 am. I had a detox flare-up in the form of some rather unpleasant pain in my behind. Why I was able to distinguish it as a flareup is due to my inability to do an enema. I'll explain. When the muscles in the large intestine constrict and don't allow an enema to be received, it means you're having a detox flare-up. It happens now and again.

So, after I attempted different methods of pain relief throughout the night and having no luck, I attempted an enema to relieve the pain - with no luck. I couldn't retain it, so the pain stayed. Eventually, around 5 am, I fell asleep. I then slept until around 11 am. So, I am typing now at 12:45 am because I am wide awake and my behind hurts again. Hopefully this pain won't become a regular thing. Pain-free is my preferred method of the cancer experience.


  1. These are serious questions:

    Does your sphincter muscles get tired out from the treatment?

    How long do you have to hold it in?

    Are you back to Coffee yet, or are you still using Earl Grey?

    Ok, so the last one is a wise-acre remark. I know it was a fine Chamomile. Is Chamomile tea made from Echinachia? Another Tea you might want to try is Bhang. I used to drink it all the time at work. It really helped reduce my stress.

  2. Reply to Madcup:

    I don't know if it's my sphincter muscles specifically that are sore, but you are correct in that some muscles - some internal (not sure which) and some external (surrounding my sacrum) get sore from retaining the enemas. It's not all the time, but it does happen and I believe now to be one of those times.

    I am using coffee in my enemas again.

    Chamomile tea is made from the Chamomile flower.